Seven drunken nights chords key of c

Jun 24, 2017 · Intro: BM G G D BM G G D Verse 1: As D I went home on Monday night as drunk as G drunk could D be Well I saw a horse outside the door where BM my old horse should be So I D called my wife and I said to her will you BM kindly tell to me Who G owns that horse outs D ide the door where
(Chorus) A7 D Ah! You're drunk, you're drunk, you silly old fool, for sure you cannot see G D E7 A Thats a lovely cow that me mother sent to me D Well tis many a day I travellled a hundred miles or more G D A7 D But a saddle on a cow, sure I never saw before (Riff G D A7 D ) (Verse) And as I went home on Tuesday night as drunk as drunk could be
And as I went home on Wednesday night, as drunk as drunk could be,
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